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Sierra Cooler Line 2001 C/K2500/2500HD/3500 6.6L Diesel FL590-A2A Fuel Cooler Line

$212.50 $170.00
(You save $42.50)
3.00 LBS

Important Product Information

Shop LinesToGo for all of your 2001 GMC Sierra cooler fuel lines. The FL590-A2A fuel cooler lines are ideal for any C/K2500/2500HD/3500 models with a 6.6L engine.

The fuel cooler line is included in all the Duramax Diesel Sets so if you are purchasing a complete set such as FL588-A, FL588-B, FL588-C, FL588-D, FL588-E, and FL588-F, the fuel cooler line will be included with this set and you will not need to purchase it separately.

Location: Fuel Cooler to Hose Connection off Fuel Tank 

Please Note: If you have purchased an aftermarket replacement fuel cooler, the fuel cooler connector lines attached to the fuel cooler may be different than the OEM fuel cooler connector lines. As shown in Illustration A, the aftermarket fuel cooler connector lines are made with a straight sharp edge. When these are plugged into the fuel cooler line, they will cut the o-ring inside the connector causing a leak. If you wish to replace the fuel cooler connector lines before installation of the fuel cooler line, they are available to purchase under part number FL591-A as shown in Illustration B.

We are unable to warranty any of our products that are damaged by aftermarket fuel cooler connector lines.

Illustration A                                                                             Illustration B

Aftermarket fuel cooler connector line:                           FL591-A/OEM fuel cooler connector line

 test8.jpg                                                         test6.jpg

Straight Sharp Edge                                                                  Rounded Beveled Edge

Included in Set: 1 fuel cooler line 3/8" , hose to fuel cooler

Tube Construction: Lines are constructed from Galfan® coated steel tubing for rust protection with original equipment end forms and fittings and are CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) bent for an easy precise installation.

Hose Construction: All hoses are made from Stainless Steel Braided Teflon with OE style fittings

Warranty: 1 Year

Box Dimensions: 16" X 12" X 7"

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