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Is My Fuel Line Broken Or Clogged?

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If you can’t start your vehicle, or your vehicle’s engine is sputtering or dying, you may be having issues with your fuel line. Tow your vehicle to a mechanic if you need to find out for sure. However, you should be able to narrow down the cause of your problem. Here are signs of a faulty or clogged fuel line, although the problem could exist throughout your fuelling system:

Can’t Start The Engine

If your engine won’t turn over, you may have a clogged fuel line or a fuel line that’s punctured and leaking. Your fuel line brings fuel from your fuel tank to your engine, and when that fuel doesn’t make the journey, well, your vehicle simply won’t work.

Smoking Engine

If you see smoke in your engine compartment, it is dangerous! Faulty fuel lines can cause fuel to spray or leak out, and fuel that comes into contact with a heat source may ignite. Smoke could be the result of a faulty fuel line. Do not leave your vehicle running if it is smoking. Stop, shut off your engine, and walk away from the vehicle.

Engine Is Cutting Out

If your fuel line is blocked or leaking, your engine won’t get enough fuel, or it’ll get fuel in inconsistent spurts. That’ll cause engine sputtering or it may force your engine to cut out. Don’t run your engine if it is sputtering. A sputtering engine will likely damage itself. You’ll need to have your vehicle towed to a location where it can be repaired.

What Might Cause a Fuel Line Malfunction

Fuel lines, like anything in an engine, are liable to break over years of wear and tear. Or, a fuel line may take on some spontaneous damage in its lifetime. For example, I’ve seen a Chevy truck fuel line damaged from a blunt force caused by the high-centering of the vehicle. Fully functional fuel lines [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our GMC Fuel Lines

If you’re looking to buy a fuel line for your GMC vehicle, then you're looking for a GMC fuel line with long-lasting high performance. A fuel line is built for consistency and is built to keep the gas flowing to your engine. But we find that many of our shoppers are curious about our products. [...]

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Know Engine Terminology to Make Fuel Line Installation Easier!

It can be confusing to understand what a fuel pump or fuel line is exactly. If you find yourself with a broken down vehicle and you aren’t sure where to look, you may want to know more about your fuel pump that is causing the problems. Fuel pumps are in charge of pumping the fuel [...]

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Increase Fuel Efficiency With A New GMC Fuel Line

Are you wanting to get the most out of your GMC for years to come, including increasing your fuel mileage? Nobody wants to drive a car that just eats away fuel. If you are looking to keep the car you have for a while, you’ll enjoy the following great ways to increase fuel mileage on [...]

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Keep Up On Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

You car is something that you rely on day in and day out. Without it you may not be able to get to and from work. Relying on someone else to get you to and from places isn’t something that you want to start doing, which is why, today, we’re going to give car maintenance [...]

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How To Find a Fuel Leak in Your Vehicle Part 2

Having you been thinking that your Chevy truck fuel line has a leak? If so, you need to know how to identify it. If you have been following our blog series, then you already know that we have been giving you ways to identify a leak in your vehicle. We have already suggested that you do [...]

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How To Find a Fuel Leak in Your Vehicle

Fuel leaks are something that unfortunately happen all too often. Many trucks have problems with fuel lines leaking, including Chevy, GMC and Silverados, but those aren’t the only ones. If you think you have fuel leak, and you are debating whether or not a brand new Silverado fuel line is what you need to get [...]

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5 Signs Your Fuel Line Is Failing Part 2

Driving is essential to many of us throughout the world. No matter where you live, vehicles seem to be the main source of transportation. This only means one thing, you better make sure that your Chevy truck, GMC and Silverado fuel lines are intact and in working order. We’ve already given you some signs of distress [...]

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5 Signs Your Fuel Line Is Failing

Do you have a malfunctioning fuel pump? Fuel lines, commonly known as fuel pumps are something that every car, truck and vehicle out on the road that is expected to drive, needs. Fuel pumps are responsible for pumping fuel from the fuel tank to where it is needed, the engine. If your fuel line is [...]

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