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Payment Questions

  • Why does my credit card keep getting declined?

    Some banks place an international block on credit cards for fraud reasons. If you call your bank, this block can usually be lifted instantly.

  • How can I get another copy of my invoice?

    Log into your account, and go under orders. Click the order number you wish to print the invoice for.

  • Why was I charged an additional fee on top of my order?

    This fee is charged from your bank for purchasing internationally. Please call your bank for a refund.

  • Do we offer coupons or first time buyer discounts?

    We offer discounts for parts stores, garages and auto repair shops. Please call to inquire.

Product Questions

  • Why are my lines sectioned when the original lines are in one piece?

    Our lines are sectioned to help for ease of installation. Each section is joined by a provided union to make for a seamless fit.

  • What is the difference between Galvan Lines and Stainless Steel Lines?

    Galvan Lines are made from Galvanized Steel tubing. Galvanization is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel in order to prevent premature rust and corrosion. Stainless Steel Lines are made from 304L Stainless Steel tubing which is stronger than Galvanized Steel as it contains chromium instead of zinc-covered steel to prevent premature rust and corrosion.

  • How are your lines made?

    Our lines are constructed from Galfan®coated or Stainless Steel tubing for rust protection with original equipment end forms and fittings. They are bent, Computer Numerically Controlled, for an easy precise installation. Our connectors are Original Equipment which is the North American industry standard for quality. We use stainless steel braided Teflon hoses for rust protection and to prevent surface fouling. These have an unlimited shelf life and anti-static PTFE liner.

  • Can I purchase an individual line?

    We do not sell individual lines from a kit; all of our kits are boxed off the shelf items.

  • Why do I need a Quick Disconnect tool?

    Your connectors may be stuck and hard to remove. This tool will help remove your lines without damaging existing connections that may have to be reused. Please see our video here which demonstrates how to use a Quick Disconnect Tool.

  • Why do I need to order a Nylon Repair Kit with my fuel lines?

    The connectors on the existing nylon hoses may be seized due to rust. During removal these connectors are often damaged and non-reusable. The kits come with new connectors to attach to the new fuel lines. Our kits are very easy to splice into your original Nylon Hose using the provided union to make for an airtight connection. Please see our video here which demonstrates how to use our Nylon Repair Kit.

Installation Questions

  • How long will it take to install lines on my vehicle?

    An average install will take 3 to 4 hours. We strongly recommend laying your new fuel lines out and replacing the originals one section at a time to help prevent any confusion.

  • Do you have installation instructions?

    You can access installation instructions on our website under the part you ordered by clicking the red installation instruction button or you can scan the bar code on the label of the box using the camera on your smart phone. Some products have installation videos as well. A link to these can be found on the installation instructions or on our YouTube Channel.

  • Will I have to drop the fuel tank for this installation?

    When installing fuel lines, the only time you should have to drop your fuel tank is if you have to replace the nylon lines or hoses that come off of your fuel tank. When installing brake lines, the majority of trucks will require you to drop the tank. There will be some sedans that require the tank to be dropped, but it is not common. If the rear brake line runs between the fuel tank and frame without any room to reach between to remove the line from the plastic clips, you will have to drop it.

  • What is a shipping bend/twist for and how do I remove it?

    Due to the length of some of our lines, we have to put a shipping bend or twist in them in order to fit them in a box to ship. Please see our videos on how to remove a shipping bend and shipping twist.

Shipping Questions

  • What are the shipping times and options for my order?

    We offer 3 Shipping Options: Free FedEx Ground (3 to 5 Business days) Call for a $10.00 ground discount. Free FedEx 2-Day Air (2 Business days) Fed Ex 1-Day Air (1 Business day) $45.99

  • When will my order ship?

    Air orders must be placed before 2:30PM EST weekdays to ship same day. Ground orders must be placed before 4PM EST weekdays to ship same day. Any orders placed on weekends will ship on the next business day.

  • Why do I have to pay for shipping on Custom Hoses?

    Custom Hoses are a special built to order non-returnable product.