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  • Ion Fuel Line 2004 Coupe & Sedan 2.0L, 2.2L
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Ion Fuel Line 2004 Coupe & Sedan 2.0L, 2.2L FL253-A1B Set

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3.00 LBS

Installation Tips

Important Product Information

For Saturn Ion Coupes and Sedans that were made in 2004, this fuel line will replace the one in models with 2.0L and 2.2L engine. The FL253-A1B is made from durable material to last long and are easy to install.

Location: Engine to Hose Connection off Fuel Tank

Nylon Line Attached to Vapor Line

The nylon line attached to the new vapor line is not a direct replacement. It is only a section of nylon line that will splice to the original nylon line on the vehicle.

On the opposite end of the original nylon line, there are connectors. These connectors may be damaged during removal. If so, we offer repair kits with new OEM connectors. These will, also, need to be spliced onto the original nylon line.

Nylon Repair Kits

3068-01 includes 2 – 5/16” Nylon Lines, 180° quick connectors

3069-01 includes 1 - 3/8” Nylon Line, 1 - 5/16” Nylon Line, 180° quick connectors

3070-01 includes 2 - 3/8” Nylon Lines, 180° quick connectors

3071-01 includes 1 - 3/8” Nylon Line, 1 - 5/16” Nylon Line, 90° quick connectors

Nylon Installation Instructions:

Step 1


Cut the new nylon hose in the same position as the original nylon hose.

Step 2


Cut the original nylon hose in the same position as the new nylon hose.

Step 3


Use the original nylon hose with connector and attach it with supplied union to the new nylon hose.

OEM Part Number: 22703796, 22706257

Included in Set: 1 supply lines 3/8" ( in 3 easy to install sections), 1 vapor line 5/16" ( in 3 easy to install sections), hose to engine connection, nylon line with union, 4 unions

Tube Construction: Lines are constructed from Galfan® coated  steel tubing for rust protection with original equipment end forms and fittings and are CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) bent for an easy precise installation.

Hose Construction: All hoses are made from Stainless Steel Braided Teflon with OE style fittings

Warranty: 1 Year

Box Dimensions: 58" X 12" X 7"

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User Installation Tips

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  1. Line connection tips 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2019

    The installation of this fuel line kit on our 2004 Saturn Ion Coupe was probably the most easy-going, stress free repair job I’ve done. The only time it got a little frustrating was when reinstalling the fuel tank as it has to go up over the exhaust and cross bar on an angle before twisting up into place. Drain your fuel to make it easier! There is a safety flap inside the filler tube at the tank. Stick a hose or long stick in there and it will then allow fuel to pour out of this spot.

    Lines To Go made a perfect replacement kit for this one. Everything fits as it should. If I had one recommendation, I would say to start at the engine working your way back and do one complete line before moving onto the next. In my case, the fuel sending line was always the outer line in the clips, so I installed the complete return vapor line first as to not have to fight around another line being in the way.

    When putting in a section of line, do not pop it into all of the holding clips. Just clip in the first one or two. This will leave yourself some wiggle room at the next connection point so you can get your wrenches in there. Once you connect and tighten your next connection, you can snap it into all of the clips up to that point so that section of line is completed.

    When you get to the final short section of line at the rear of the vehicle, the connections points are right near the 90 degree bend. Make sure that the line going to the fuel filter is at the correct angle before tightening and snapping into the clips. I did this by holding up the fuel filter, adjusting my line angle, and marking a relative point on both lines I was connecting with a sharpie. This way as I was tightening, I could see if the fuel filter line line was shifting its position. Once you snap this section into place. It is probably impossible to re-loosen/further tighten that connection point. It is so close to the other lines and right up against the car that you would have to take the line back out of the clips to do so. So make sure you have that fuel filter line accurate the first time. You will find out how difficult the clips are to work with.

    Tips on working with the difficult fuel line plastic holding clips:
    There are two types of clips under this car that the fuel lines snap into to hold in place. One has a flat back against the underside of the car with exposed “ V” slots. The fuel line pushes into this “V”, the V expands, fuel line snaps into place with the tabs of the V covering the installed fuel line to hold it. To remove your old lines, simply bend one V tab back with a screw driver while prying up on the line with a second screw driver until it pops out. Since I’m not reusing the old lines, I cut it into sections for ease of removal. I used wire cutters to cut/pinch the line and wiggled the section around till it broke off. Installation simply just snaps into place.

    The other type of clip is the same as above but upside down with the “V’s” touching the car. These are attached with some rusted bolt without a head, making it impossible for removal without damage to the clip. If you break these off, you will have no clips to hold your fuel and brake lines in place! Here’s how to easily get your old lines out and still reuse the clips for your new lines:

    Take your wire cutters/snips/etc. and snip off only the top half of the V tab that holds the line in place. Doing so will leave a small “U” shape for the new line to sit in, but will also give you a small gap between the clip and the under side of the car to lift your old line out and put your new line in. You will have to do this with two tabs per clip, one for the send line access and one for the return line access. Doing this will allow you to not disturb your brake lines or the mounting of the clip to the car and it still gives you a nice snug channel for your new lines to sit in. At first I wasn’t sure how snug the new lines would sit doing it this way and I planned on adding some extra hardware brackets for safety purposes, but after I completed installation I was extremely confident with how tight everything was that I did not add anything extra. I hope this helps and best of luck!

  2. OEM Fix for 1/3 OEM price 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Sep 2018

    lots of patience involved, and also, iirc, the feed line is a little tight at the first flare union where it rounds a corner near the exhaust. patience and another good set of eyes helps a LOT

  3. gas filter 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th May 2018

    lines were pre bent all fit great. change the fuel filter at the same time you have it out at that time so change it. all went good for me.

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