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  • Grand Cherokee Brake Line 1999
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Grand Cherokee Brake Line 1999 BLJ-100-SS1A Stainless Steel Set. Available July 7th, 2019

$249.95 $199.95
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5.00 LBS

Important Product Information

Install this pre bent 1999 Grand Cherokee brake line set in no time!

Brake Line Grand Cherokee 1999; Stainless Steel Set

Location: Complete set excluding hoses

Included in Set:  1 Master Cylinder Primary Line from Rear of Master Cylinder to ABS Module, 1 Master Secondary Line from Front of Master Cylinder to ABS Module, 1 Left Front Line from the ABS module to Left Front Hose Connection, 1 Right Front from ABS Module to Right Front Hose Connection (2 easy to install sections), 1 Rear Brake Line from the ABS Module to Rear Hose Connection above the Rear Axle (2 easy to install sections), 1 Rear Axle Cross Over Line (2 easy to install sections)

Tube Construction: Lines are constructed from Stainless Steel tubing for rust protection with original equipment end forms and fittings and are CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) bent for an easy precise installation.

Warranty: 1 Year

Box Dimensions: 68" X 12" X 7"

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