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  • Bravada Fuel Line 1998 4 Door
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Bravada Fuel Line 1998 4 Door FL485-A4B Set

$202.31 $161.85
(You save $40.46)
1.50 LBS

Important Product Information

Shop LinesToGo for your 1998 Bravada fuel lines. The FL485-A4B set of fuel lines are designed for models with 4 doors!

Location: Fuel Filter to Hose Connection off Fuel Tank

Retainer Clips Included On Lines: The retainer clips provided on the replacement lines may not be needed. The replacement lines will plug into connectors which have retainer clips inside them.

Sometimes during removal of the OEM lines, the retainer clips inside the connectors may be damaged. If this is the case, you will need to leave the retainer clips on the replacement lines.

If the retainer clips remain inside the connector undamaged during removal of the OEM lines, you will not require the retainer clips provided on the replacement lines. The retainer clips will need to be removed before plugging into the connector. 

Nylon Repair Kits

3068-01 includes 2 – 5/16” Nylon Lines, 180° quick connectors

Nylon Installation Instructions:

 Step 1                                                   Step 2                                                       Step 3

image-1a.jpg                     image-2a.jpg                        image-3a.jpg

Cut the new nylon hose                  Cut the original nylon hose               Use the original nylon hose with connector      
in the same position as                   in the same position as                       and attach it with supplied union to the
the original nylon hose.                  the new nylon hose.                             new nylon hose.


OEM Part Number: 15004586

Included in Set: 1 supply line 3/8" ( in 2 easy to install sections), 1 return line 5/16" ( in 2 easy to install sections), 1 vapor line 5/16" ( in 2 easy to install sections) excl. section from fuel tank to evap canister, hoses to join to rear sections, 1 fuel filter

Tube Construction: Lines are constructed from Galfan® coated steel tubing for rust protection with original equipment end forms and fittings and are CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) bent for an easy precise installation.

Hose Construction: All hoses are made from Stainless Steel Braided Teflon with OE style fittings

Warranty: 1 Year

Box Dimensions: 56" X 7" X 5"

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