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Know Engine Terminology to Make Fuel Line Installation Easier!

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It can be confusing to understand what a fuel pump or fuel line is exactly. If you find yourself with a broken down vehicle and you aren’t sure where to look, you may want to know more about your fuel pump that is causing the problems. Fuel pumps are in charge of pumping the fuel through the fuel line to your vehicle’s engine. So, without a fuel pump or a reliable fuel line, your vehicle won’t be drivable. To make your fuel pump and fuel line installation easier, here is some terminology you may want to know about your vehicle’s engine and fuel pump.


The carburetor is a part of your vehicle’s engine. Its job is to prepare the fuel for combustion. It does this by mixing air and fuel, and draws fuel up into the engine for power.

Fuel Injection System

Each fuel injector in your engine sprays a specific amount of fuel into your vehicle's engine for combustion.

Internal Combustion Engine

Through small, but controlled explosions, the internal combustion engine transforms chemical energy into kinetic energy for power.


The camshaft is the part of the engine that regulates the opening and closing of valves.

Check Valve

The check valve is a device that controls the amount and flow of fluid in one direction in your car’s engine.

Electronic Control Unit or ECU

An ECU is used in engines to control fuel pumps. They can turn your fuel pump on and off electrically, however, not all vehicles have this function.

Now that you know some common terminology when it comes to your vehicle's engine and fuel pump, you should be able to successfully install a Chevy truck fuel line yourself! Visit us online now to shop for your specific make and model.